If you’ve learned something new, it’s a good day.


Melody Kazey is an eclectic author in numerous formats. She mostly focuses on contemporary young adult fantasy novels, the type of story that brings out the magic of what we mistake for an ordinary life. Sure, we may not wave wands and blast away enemies with beams of arcane light, but have you ever felt the unbridled joy of a well-timed joke? The power of supporting or defending someone you love? Those are the moments where magic shines.

During bouts without her literature muse, Melody creates tabletop role playing game campaigns. Though she hasn’t dabbled for long, she is enthralled by the idea of her friends literally stepping into a world she has created and watching them be part of a story. Now what could be more magical than that?

Melody writes part time as a Twitch Affiliate streamer, sharing the creative process for budding and professional writers alike. She also streams her role playing games with her husband and friends so you can join her living in the worlds she creates.