Are you also stuck in self-deprecation mode?

Here’s a thought that occurred to me while watching Twitch streams: how is it fair that the universe grants such talented artists such great looks as well? Can you share a little, friend??

I say this somewhat facetiously. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. It would also be wise to remember that some people actually prepare for their streams by putting makeup on and doing their hair.

Or they’re men.

No, but seriously, the thought only popped up while I was having a self deprecating moment. It’s funny how quickly people can spin something so arbitrary into a cataclysmic event. “Oh, she’s got a dimple! I must be such a troll!” “Oh, she can sketch a curved line quicker than me! I must be stupid!” “Oh, he can write faster than me! Why should I even bother!”

The funnier thing is that I haven’t really felt that way this week. I think this lifestyle adjustment is working out pretty nicely! Asleep by 10pm, blue light blocking glasses, cooking meals (grain free life hype!), morning walks, reading before bed. I feel so accomplished before the day has even begun!

I’ve had to reschedule my streams because of this and I think I figured out a way that works. Looks like I’m a weekend streamer now. It’s going to take serious adjustment, but I feel good about exploring another avenue (hopefully) leading towards a lucrative writing career. See you tonight at 8pmEDT for Wine & Write!

(Okay, the wine isn’t necessarily complimentary to the healthier lifestyle, but a lady has gotta have her chill time!)


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