How Do You Motivate Yourself After Years of Hiatus from Writing?

Watching Blainearcade on Twitch has become my favorite part of my morning. It might be affecting my work because I’m trying to be interactive with chat, but I think I’m reacquainting with my work day priorities now.

Blaine has been reading one of his novella series written as updates to a crowd funding website to fund a team of superheroes. It’s unique and he obviously has had an amazing time writing it and now reading it aloud for his viewers. Check out Justice Backers for yourself. Be prepared for something wildly unique that may or may not be your cup of tea.

In chat, I somehow got the thought to look back at my own completed works from Fiction Press. Fun fact, June 23, 2017 is the ten year anniversary of my first Fiction Press account! I thought, “Wouldn’t a dramatic reading of my old terrible fiction be fun?” 

Then I thought, “Let me look over this atrocity again.

Bad idea.

My entire work day was shot because I decided to read the two completed and posted books I wrote of my very first YA sci-fi/fantasy series.

I forgot how much I loved the protagonists and how much I used writing to escape from the terror and anguish I felt during my schooling years. I forgot how much each word meant to me in building these characters and their relationships with one another. I forgot how magical magic is in a universe where magic isn’t “real”.

The writing may not have been solid and the dialogue was redundant and overwhelming, but the characters have such good hearts and the story line has at least partial depth. Funnily enough, I noticed a dramatic difference between book 1 and book 2 of the series in terms of descriptive prose and some sentence structure. Much less so with sentence structure.

My brain went into overdrive. I couldn’t wait to put more words on paper/pixels. Nothing would have pleased me more than to drop everything, find a quiet nook, and write. Who cares how poor your old writing was? It’s old! Old you who wrote poorly is still better than current you who isn’t writing anything at all.

No offense, current you. You’re great and all, but old you was a writer. A dreamer. And that’s sexy.

Rereading this series nearly derailed my plotting for Camp NaNoWriMo as I almost chose to just move forward with the rewrite of this rediscovered series instead. It will be quite different than what is up on Fiction Press right now and I’m really excited about the changes. However, that is a future project. When I got home, I made myself focus on the book already in the works for this upcoming event. Little victory for me keeping myself on track!

Still, wow! Talk about a Throwback Thursday!

I think a dramatic reading of my novels could be entertaining and educational. How great would it be to really hear the progress you’ve made in nearly a decade’s time?

My fear in doing this was that I would start writing for Camp NaNoWriMo and it would be the same quality as my writing from 7+ years ago. As I think on what I’ve learned about the craft, even with a years-long break, I think I can manage something of a higher standard than 19 year old Brenna’s writing.

I need to believe that anyway.

So perhaps I’ll shoot for my 2K words daily and maybe as a reward on stream days I’ll also read a chapter of my old novel. But if I’m not streaming every day, maybe the treat will be reading what I’ve written to catch readers up to where I am. Or maybe I’ll find another day to stream and read my old works and/or my writing project thus far.

This is assuming I’m really about to live stream my Camp NaNoWriMo attempt. I still just don’t know when I’ll find the time once my part time job kicks in! I’m realizing how much I’ll need to sacrifice if I want to take this writing journey seriously.

I suppose part of me is still begging the question, “Is it worth the sacrifice?”

Well after rereading my old work and falling back in love with these old stories when I wrote for the sheer joy of the craft, I think the answer is pretty clear.


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